006 – RNC: The Dullest of Death Cults

We attempt to countenance the disorienting glare of the flag-draped COVID-19 vector euphemized as the “Republican National Convention.” We cause vital blood vessels to explode in our brains by bearing witness to the all-sensory bombardment of a turbo-speed edit of the “highlights.”

Afterward, we try to supply the ballast needed for our RNC-battered minds by listening to Chris Hedges explain why “lesser of two evil”-ism is a dead end and cannot be an option in electoral politics, as well as the imperative need to create a third party to shatter the US duopolistic stranglehold.

We add our own two cents on the possibility of creating a robust and effective third party, although JNM forgot to include a bunch of stats and facts he’d gathered prior in this segment due to the aforementioned neurophysiological damage. Kneel and pray for us, and then hop right back up on your feet for The Anthem.

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Heat Death of the Universe is an End-Times-inspired podcast about a wide range of subjects falling under the enormous Janus-faced purview of cultural and political commentary. Hosted by two long-time expatriated US citizens living in South Korea, mainly Seoul.

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio currently teaches liberal arts to precocious child geniuses in the infamous Gangnam district, enjoys Latin-based pseudonyms (not really, just the one), makes percussive patterns with Gorymurgy, and lives on a high elevation hill in the oldest village in Seoul.

JD Newland teaches little humans in a less bourgeois area than Gangnam, but it’s bourgie enough. He enjoys the finest things in life such as scouring the Internet, endlessly scrolling on a plethora of devices, and consumption of all sorts. He lives at the base of Namsan, a mountain in Seoul and home to the city’s most famous tower.

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