007 – More Like Charlie Wilson’s Bore, Folks!

We wanted to hand over a lighthearted episode after the dark clouds of the DNC/RNC and we did! Lighthearted is a synonym for three-fourths drunk, yes? Yes. We recorded a commentary track for 2007’s dull and infuriating Aaron Sorkin penned, conveniently glossed over, slice of modern US imperialist Cold War history, Charlie Wilson’s War. Immediately after this we continued to celebrate everything and nothing by consuming more alcohol and attempted to make an episode reflecting upon the film and our loosey-goosey commentary. We decided to just upload it totally unedited (for content), either as a radical gesture of authenticity or just simply out of one particular individual’s personal exhaustion with editing and with seeing what a daunting task it would be to edit this particular episode. Or little bits of columns A, B and C. Next episode should be less chaotic and more grounded, but sometimes you just gotta flip the script’s hair down off the rails and born to be wild. Thanks for sticking with it if you do, it’s understood if you don’t.

Outro Music

Death Rattle Orchestra
“The Hand’s Mouth”
(Special thanks to Hupp Purnell Smith)

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