016 – The Bipartisanship of COVID-19

We mark the horrific milestone of passing one million COVID deaths (roughly 25% in the US which has 4% of the population), briefly rehash the grotesquery of the Presidential Debate, contemplate the possibility of a Trump coup, face the fact that many other experts and politicians were just as deceitful about the reality of COVID as Trump was in the early days of the pandemic, and do a thorough read-through of a classic Current Affairs article by Luke Savage (@LukewSavage) about the “Curse of Bipartisanship.”

P.S. There’s an eerie howling wind in the background throughout the episode. Literally. Added to the ambient dread, in retrospect.

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ヤプーズ (Yapoos)
“赤い戦車” (“Red Tank”)
ダイヤルYを廻せ! (Dial Y wo Mawase!)

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