019 – Our Experimental Phase

We get mildly zooted on the nootropic equivalent of adrenochrome and languidly drift and fiercely machete our way through a very small percentage of the internet. Extraterrestrial life. Vlad the Impaler. Nuclear football. Herd immunity is genocide. COVID Derangement Syndrome. Flights to nowhere. A chicken nugget launched into space. Beheadings. 500 lashings for blasphemy. Beer flood. Kinetoscope anniversary. Top Gun sequel. Woodrow Wilson and Trump join their own pandemics. Nancy Pelosi will kill you for her fridges and iced creams. Nazi Olympics. Clickbait Roulette, the World Socialist Website, and On This Day segments get haphazardly spliced together on a near-chromosomal level. And more!

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