046 – Lizzie Magie’s Anti-Monopoly (feat. Boomer Death Squad)

Danny, Joe and Matt from the Boomer Death Squad (@boomerdeathpod) podcast join us to discuss the largely unknown history behind the Monopoly board game. At the turn of the century, a leftist political activist, resolute feminist, and fascinating renaissance women named Lizzy Magie, created a game to educate others about the evils of accumulated wealth. Follow the winding causal chain of events that led to the complete theft and inversion of her vision and, in true monopolistic form, basically erased her and her original creation from history, absorbing it all and shitting out these cardboard widgets called “Monopoly” that seize upon the worst of human instincts and continue to turn profits for the Hasbro and Parker Brothers cartels. Also, did you know the Nazis made board games?

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