063 – The Truth Shall Not Sink: The Sewol Ferry Tragedy

The Sewol ferry disaster happened exactly 7 years ago to the day, on the morning
of April 16th , 2014. Of the 476 passengers and crew, 304 died in this immensely tragic event, 250 of them were the students from Danwon High School. This tragedy wasn’t like some horrible but unavoidable disaster, like a hurricane or a volcanic eruption, instead, from beginning to end this horrifying disaster is causally connected to the inherit greed that is part and parcel of neoliberal policies of “market-based solutions,” reckless deregulation of industries that entwine themselves with the government, and a capitalist economic system more broadly. Today we will discuss what happened on this day in the unforgiving waters of the Maenggol Channel, all through the lenses of multiple accounts, from diverse array
of documentary films and a small collection of opinion pieces.

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