079 – We Can All Have Full Heads of Hair as the Ocean Swallows Us Up

After a series of technical troubles issued by the chaotic void, we talked about Kamala v. Kamala; Biden v. Putin; grief-eating Champ Biden like an ortolan; the Clintons slave labor at the governors mansion; Juneteenth is now a national holiday and all racism has been vanquished; a 1990s Dry Drunk Uncle Joe yells on the Senate floor about how confessions elicited via torture should be legalized (and about how Rodney King was beaten and might've confessed to murder for all we know); we take notice of a critical line in the XIII Amendment; see more continuity between Biden and Trump (on the use of private prisons for migrant detention); and other things.

Also, check out our newly updated YouTube channel for the hell of it.

(P.S. One side of our conversation was a bit plagued by technical difficulties. We'll be back to our normal sterling quality on the next one.)

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