081 – JFK Was a Tucker Carlson Democrat

We update some issues related to our last two Book Club episodes: one of the big players in the manufactured opioid epidemic is being awful (gasp) & JFK being hero worshipped out of devotion to pure liberal fantasia about who he really was. Then we move on to some current happenings like Nestle's god given right to employ slaveholders. We accidentally get into #FreeBritney for a minute by way of discussing economic war with China. The sentencing of Derek Chauvin and the State of the ACAB Nation. Biden carries out more disastrous Trump initiatives, this time about finding some more ungrabbed power to obediently hand over to corporate pharmaceutical entities. FoxNews-style conservatives claim to want to defund the military over a single elective course at West Point that includes the gravest of evils: CRITICAL. RACE. THEORY. In equally guileless and predictable fashion, MSNBC-style liberals warmonger and try to outdo their conservative “counterparts” in their obsession with forever increasing the US military budget. Jason waxes hungrily about Italian cuisine. La podcast è servita! Buon appetito!

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