084 – Singing the National Anthem in a Walmart Raised 300 Feet Above the Boiling Seas

—Presidential assassination in Haiti seems suspicious at the very least and reminds us of the brutal colonialism & subjugation of that land from past till present.
—People get unabashedly horny for Biden's imaginary war with Russia.
—The climate emergency is only going to get worse from here on out.
—Elon Musk is one step closer to implementing his childlike imagination's car tunnel idea.
—The price of sliced cheese is 1% cheaper since last year: Biden has saved the USA, FDR-style!
—Maskless, bovine, Texas-style Walmart herds spontaneously erupt into a chorus of cult-like chanting and it bReAKs teH iNtErNet via TikTok and it exemplifies nearly everything sick and sad about US culture and politics.
—The LAPD moronically blows up a city block with confiscated fireworks, like an episode of the Little Rascals, but starring fat-necked, adult, instruments of The State with the legally sanctioned right to gun you down in cold blood.
—Amazon's “Alexa” is becoming a real homewrecker and bully of children.

Note: We had a real cornucopia of things on the docket today and didn't even get to them all, so will continue on the next episode… 

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