100 – Clickbait Roulette Ouroboros

We take notice of hitting the 100th episode mark and bring things full circle back to episode 001 by having a spirited round of Clickbait Roulette (patent pending). We loosen our mouths and brains with some beverages and cover some of the more irregular news of the day:

Political violence related to a side-by-side Biden flag and Trump effigy.
An idiotic and “jasmine-scented” mural in London.
The ignoble science behind fucking as a natural decongestant. 
A TikTok-based “Time Traveler” is shockingly full of shit.
A possibly drunk person calls in a bomb threat about the flight they just barely missed. Giant strides in free speech rights made for labor unions/symbolic rodents.
Turkish cops get the death penalty for gambling on sports.
The Quietest Room on Earth.
New Zealand's PM speaks out against people copulating in hospitals.
What exactly is Grimace?
A very polite person meets a truly  gruesome and accidental end in a McDonald's drive-thru.
Milkcrate Challenge + gender reveal party ends disastrously.
A certain Japanese rollercoaster must be destroyed + and its riders must “please scream inside [their] heart[s].”


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