102 – Munchward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way

“‎Who would die for this chance to be fed this death of pleasure with spoons, in their warm homes, alone, unmoving?”

We celebrate Jason's birthday by discussing the extent to which nostalgia can negatively impact people and societies (happy birthday!) and then move on to read from the classic essay written by the trio of Daniel Bessner, Matt Christman and Amber A’lee Frost entitled “Slimer on Coke, Muncher on Zoloft” which examines the Ghostbusters franchise and how the original films, especially Slimer, accurately depicted the excesses of the 1980s and 90s, while a newer, bluer, abomination dubbed Muncher, created for the soon approaching Ghostbuster's reboot/remake/sequel/whateverthefuck so unfortunately reflects, with some real accuracy,  the larger economic, cultural and mass-psychological state of present day America.

Stick around to hear our effusive joint recommendation of the new Korean TV series Squid Game.


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