116 – Chasing Our Tails Until Extinction & Enjoying the Circus Music Along the Way

Get exploited in your dreams for free. More and more people just might be noticing some fundamental problems but are still a million light years from a general strike or even a Howard Beale “Mad as hell” moment. Climate summits are mainly just monstrous wastes of time and energy, all the way down to the subatomic level. Climate science has spoken on the voodoo of “net zero.” Kyle Tollhouse Porterhouse did etc, and his judge/manservant loves him enough to ban zooming in on crucial video footage for, uh, reasons and, er, 'logarithms.' A lawyer stalked a beach as a storm approached, dressed as The Shape in order to be a beacon of positivity. Kamala Harris 2024: “Together we must work together to do things together.


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