127 – An Unflinching Look At Our Inability To Unflinchingly Look

Absurd histories. Who said it: Trump, Biden, Harris or Pence? Public dissections. Santa mock executed by a Nazi in Chile to teach children a lesson in terroristic coercion. Germany's Green Party's rightwing turn and belligerent nuke-mongering rhetoric. Trump plans to commemorate 1/6, the day the music died. The CIA tried to turn cats into spies. A wealthy heiress is incentivized to let her oil rig continuously leak oil into the ocean since 2004 till the ongoing present. Oceanic heat blob adds to climate doom. American clowns once fist-fought Canadian firefighters and created one of the biggest riots in Toronto history. NASA's still trying to pretend like everything's normal. China's dynamic zero COVID policy continues to be slandered, ignored, or diminished by a nation (guess which) with infection rates 2243x higher and death rates 817x higher (per capita). Pfizer drops a brand new drug, stayed tuned for our imminent unboxing video.


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