129 – Never-Ending Wrath Equation

All aboard the news maelstrom: Ghislaine Maxwell faces an effective lifelong prison sentence, but what about all the other Epstein-connected pedophiles? A small town experiments with UBI. In 897 CE the Catholic church put the corpse of the previous Pope on trial. Trump capitulates to the decorum police and cancels his 1/6 press conference. Silicon Valley cannot be tamed. In 1904 some guy got away with driving to the finish line during an Olympic marathon event. The New York Times publishes transparent state propaganda which tries to spin Guantanamo Bay into something delightful. You have no idea how hard it is to get a hamster drunk. In 1788 the Austrian army fought itself. “Anti-5G” jewelry and sleep masks are radioactive (lulz). People can't stop making things epic to the point of uselessness. In 1184 a floor collapsed sending a group of German noblemen to plunge into human waste. The USofA keeps on breaking records: 1 Million Infections in a single day.


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