147 – Technical Difficulties in the Beautiful Sinkhole’s Ancient Forest

Well we had a major recording problem in which Josh's track stopped recording about 20 minutes in and wasn't realized until about 90 minutes into the podcast. So we released those first 20 minutes, tacked on an explanation and some recommendations. Sorry 'bout that. We were actually keeping the mood relatively light for once, too, which paradoxically makes me think there's some deeper force out there dictating that our overall tenor be one of doom. Not really, but, ya know, just feels like something beyond bad luck. Anyway, our Discord is newly open to all comers. Check it out.

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General Recommendations

  • JD's Recommendations: Don't relapse with nicotine and taking up running.
  • JNM's Recommendation: Phantoms in the Brain by V.S. Ramachandran

Further Reading, Viewing, Listening

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