000 – Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back – Commentary Track feat. Boomer Death Squad

If you want to watch along, I'm sharing my copy of the movie along with a separate subtitles file (which is essential due to the terrible sound mixing on this cinematic masterpiece).

In what is now a annual tradition come August, we celebrate surviving another year in podcasting with the gentle souls of Boomer Death Squad (Danny, Matt and sadly Joe couldn't make it) by covering a remarkably bad, politically-bent, movie. Last year, we commented on what was the GW Bush era time-capsule / series of wrong turns and bad calls (by a legacy act spoofmaster of Zucker Brothers of residual fame) called An American Carol.

This year, we turn toward even sleazier, more mind-bendingly ill-conceived fare and bring you an off the cuff commentary track + full episode discussion of the never-should-have-been-made “film” Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back (2012). A film written, directed, produced by and starring complete and utter nobodies (save, sort of, for Jeff Fahey and the inexplicably “present” Rance Howard) and done against the wishes of every single person who worked on the 1969 original and now canonized classic film. Put on your totally non-ironic American flag motorcycle helmet, pick up a protest sign and commie-killing rifle alike, and join us for this long, strange, 98 minute and 36 second trip, man.






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