159 – Stuff Paul Krugman’s Smug Mouth Full of Thorium and Yunnan Cypress Leaves

Is a broken Rand Paul right twice a day? People focusing on all of the wrong things with regard to Trump's legacy (e.g. forget debunked Russiagate myths and January 6th, and look toward WWIII inciting foreign policy first). Does North Korea have anything the US wants and can scoop up into a net? Will Jurassic Park-like tech magically save the planet? Speaking of climate disaster mitigation: China and India have better ideas in mind a la trees and thorium-based energy production. Canadians turning to medical euthanasia as solution to the integral poverty of a neoliberal order. Biden's the front-runner for “Lie of the Year.” DeSantis will slay the dragon of woke, using all his might, even if he has to be elected president in the process—he'll humbly sacrifice for our children's unwoke futures.

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