163 – Long Covid Brain Fog Funeral Celebration

William Shatner shares his despairing thoughts while staring out at the earth from space with Jeff Bezos aboard the Blue Origins craft. Elon Musk uber-fans have uprooted their lives and built a small village outside of “Starbase” so that they can witness each rocket launch. Warren Buffett is not your grandpa. Moron parks a car on train tracks, nearly killing someone else. Thousands of Coors cans spilt across a Florida highway, creating a beautiful shimmering sea. Vegan food exec aggressively bites a man's nose, presumably in an attempt to eat him. Tomato soup is thrown at a Van Gogh painting. Amazon will not be providing storm shelter protection to its rebuilt factory that was destroyed by a tornado, killing six. And the USA is running out of Adderall, folks, and coincidentally becoming less productive.

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