164 – The Drinkin’ Bone’s Connected to the Weird News Bone

We spouse-swap the standard all-encompassing geopolitical &/or generalized existential doom for the humdrum miracle of other sorts of headlines, those on the margins of the edges of the normie strata of the lunatic fringe. (Problem with the links—too many, and too tired to fix in a timely manner.)

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  • Google Says It Will Stop Android Phones From Suggesting “My Face” When Users Type “Sit On”
  • Police: Naked man arrested at Planet Fitness said he thought it was a “judgement free zone”
  • Court Recommends Electronic Monitoring For Woman Accused Of Escaping Electronic Monitoring
  • Florida man says he wasn’t drinking while driving — only at stop lights and stop signs
  • Germany: Man bites police dog, woman punches officer
  • Doctor removes 23 contact Germany: Man bites police dog, woman punches officerlenses from eye of patient who ‘forgot to take them out’
  • Doctors Find 55 Batteries In Woman’s Body — ‘Highest Reported Number’ Ever
  • Hurricane Ian ‘street shark’ video defies belief
  • Man charged with smuggling pythons in his pants at US border
  • Nigeria seizes donkey penises to be smuggled to Hong Kong
  • Chinese man trapped aloft in hydrogen balloon for 2 days
  • North Dakota Woman Charged After Bringing Raccoon Into Bar
  • FDA Warns Against Using NyQuil As A Chicken Marinade
  • Woman Accused Of Stealing Pelosi’s Laptop Has Odd Request To Leave House Arrest
  • Canadian Politician Gets Buzzed After Swallowing Rogue Bee At News Conference
  • Car Thief Who Hid From Police Inside Giant Teddy Bear Learns His Fate
  • South Korean Town’s Garlic Ad Reeks Of Obscenity, Farmers Say
  • Spain’s Prime Minister Suggests Ditching Neckties To Save Energy
  • Man Pushes Peanut Up Colorado Mountain Using Unconventional Body Part
  • Michigan Home Inspector Convicted After Masturbating With Client’s Elmo Doll

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