167 – Live Every Day Like It’s Kristallnacht at KFC

Fuck the midterms. Slavery now illegal in 3 of 4 states. Man steals own car. Shooting the homeless now a misdemeanor. Hero unleashes bees at eviction cops. Hero throws can of 'White Claw' at Ted Cruz during baseball parade. KFC urges German customers to celebrate Kristallnacht with cheesy chicken. Advertising in space, the future is now! More nonsense from the new CEO of Twitter. Crypto con-artist loses all his dang money. US & EU reps forced to grovel to Maduro for oil, please, Mr. Real Presidente, sir. Digital artist's AI that creates infinite conversations, one on display now between Werner Herzog & Zizek. Park rangers battle desperate DMT junkies in the great psychedelic toad wars. Giant silver orbs break free & terrify the streets of London. 2022 Ig Nobel Awards briefly discussed.

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