173 – Inside the Mind of a Boston Dynamics Robot Laughing With Salad While Beating Themselves Over the Head With The Bible Every Morning

We eulogize the Metaverse, read the lips of King Charles, hear Mr. Musk out (not really) on why working remotely is evil, discuss Patient M: The Man Who Was Shot in The Head And Woke Up Seeing The World Backwards, chat about a youtuber deliberately crashes a plane to get the hearts going in the chat,  ask ourselves if Holocaust textbooks are too woke for Floridian standards, contemplate the life of the mind of an AI-generated woman laughing alone with salad, and round things out with Second Life addiction and/or perversion, and the presence of a new street drug in Los Angeles that has the pesky side effect of decaying one's flesh. This was another long hiatus ended, and we should be back to a once per week schedule for the foreseeable future.

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