174 – I’m a Slave 4 Endorphins

We take a brisk tour through various current AI implications. A “free” 55-inch flat screen TV that merely wants to turn your living room into a advert-hellscape. A possibly inebriated driver switches seats with his dog, the officer in question may never notice the oddness of this. In Portugal, canine lifespan records, shattered. Some annoying person ate a piece of art made by another possibly even more annoying person. 500 pounds of pasta mysteriously left alongside a stream in New Jersey. Another 500 pounds of pasta may well be running for President of the Republic. Ronald Dion DeSantis audibly reveals his micro-penis to a Twitter crowd of 700,000—only 300,000 stay afterward. We give positive cover to two “Florida Men,” shattering stale stereotypes. Various people intentionally and extremely isolate themselves, independently, for science.  Did a man really collapse his skull and remain alive due to an addiction to energy drinks?  Heroes all around us and also a villain who jostled open the door of an airborne passenger plane.

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