175 – The Smart-Ass Book Reader Podcast

There's been a shift in the 'cast's, um, cast. Past guest Timothy Robert Buechner joins as an official cohost. We talk through and detour from topics such as microplastics in our brains; the nature of well-crafted clickbait via murder-by-dessert and mailing cadaver bits 'n' pieces through a FB/Meta group; other podcasts; a Nebraskan governor whose officially signed a bill into law declaring Dudes to Rock; how the anti-trans movement has and will continue to accidentally destroy itself; bad journalism about toxic dudes-rocking-ness being stopped dead cuz 2023 said so; Scientology's legal grasp upon its own e-meter IP; a glorious individual named Reza Baluchi who just wants to sail in peace with his knives and homemade hamster-wheel shaped vessel; the novelistic sequel to Forrest Gump; the nihilistic knotted heart of our dear gerontocracy; and more.

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