176 – Airplanes Spitting In the Face of the One and Only Lord and Savior

We briefly revisit the Metaverse and its grand announcement that they've finally added (sort of) the god-kissed locomotive powers of legs to the little Metaverse representation pixel-creatures. We digress about the man-o-sphere for a bit. Airplanes and their great lack of crashing into one another: humdrum miracle or vile affront to the Almighty? Space Force is weird and its patches and insignia are even weirder (click here to follow along visually as we discuss them). Republicans are scrambling to do some PR with the term “pro-life” and the results are predictably baby-brained. Digressions on the Schumacher Batman movies and Lauren Bobert's recent vaping/groping-related ejection from Beetlejuice the musical. Then we talk about the phenomenon of Biden's Vibrant Economy and the whining plebes within it, and how there's indeed a Silent Depression descended upon the land, despite what Democratic Party partisans will have you believe. Quick hits on Hunter Biden's legal issues, NATO's role in the flooding of Libya, and how even the Pentagon is now warning that our Geriactric Leaders (Feinstein, McConnell, Biden) are not only embarrassing and dangerous but national security threats.

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