181 – Welcome to the MetaHarem™, Now and Forevermore feat. Jason Newland

An olde tyme friend visits us. We have a chatabout. We each section one another for crimes against comedy/humanity. We vent spleens about Israel etc. We digress, digressively. Who will be possibly the next Pointless/Demagogical Mayoral-King-Duke of the USofA?  We talk some news of the weird. Australian gets America's wang transplanted upon it. A duo of idiots pretends to kidnap themselves-ish. Neo-Nazis collect insects for the sake of the Fuhrer (also, cars of the same entomological genus are collected, similarily). We talk Artifical Intellgience, Cronenbergian porn of the weird, and its ascending trajectory. We talk. Talk some more. Jason dazzles us with some tales from r/LinkedInLunatics. I, the Josh voice, forcefully and impassionately recommend that you read and/or at least listen to Whalefall, because it's mind/body/soul-bogglingly great. We sign off. We “We” ourselves into inanimate pulp and continue the life-cycle, waving goodbye for eternity. Also, there's some conversation between Tim and Jason about the wide world of professional wrestling hidden-tracked after the outro.

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