182 – A.M.B.E.R. Alerts for Everyone!

Tennessee makes being unhoused a felony. In California, mobile homelessness is on the rise, but don't worry, there are some safe parking lots to sleep in. Another Californian development: The Ebony Alert system is finally here! Space Force continues to be uncanny and just off-beat enough subsection of the US Armed Forces. Mike Pence shocks dozens of his dozens of fans by dropping out of the presidential race. Trump promises buckets of enemies blood and blowhard Nikki Haley tries to out-Trump him (all at the recent Republican Jewish Coalition Conferene (RJCC, duh) in Las Vegas). Japanese people pay money to relearn how to smile. The anniversary of the Halloween tragedy in Seoul last year gets Josh going off on a little rant. Israel-Palestine conflict only gets worse. And more. My bones hurt. My shoes hurt. I cain't summarize no more. Weep for me, humankind. Wail and gnash. Transubstantiate yer worries away amidst my aching flesh singing out. Invest your stockage in weird, sad novels, too.

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