183 – An Ambulance as a Hornless Unicorn, Exploded

Things get a little freeform and loopy. The abandonment of Zelensky. Tony Blinken dressing his son up as Zelesky and daughter as a Ukrainian flag for Halloween. More ghastly atrocities pile up overwhelmingly in 21st century Judaea. Try and pull out of the deathspiral of the topic into lighter climes: We put Biden's two Press Secretaries on the binary scale, this leads to satirical erotic fanfiction being written by yours truly, and then we dish about Ronnie DeSant's height-enhancing boots. [Note: I started talking about the existence of the Jenin Horse statue, made from exploded car and ambulance pieces and meant to be a symbol of hope for those in the Jenin refugee camp, and Palestinians more broadly. I get sidetracked from finishing the point of bringing it up which was that even the statue made from war crime remnants has been ripped away, stolen and destroyed by the IOF.]

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