Maximum Entropy Theater Presents “RoseBudGarden59 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the #PsakiBomb”

The inaugural episode of what will likely turn into a regular type of series of shorter, scripted-ish bonus episodes.

Some background, per our Discord:

“Karine Jean-Pierre said some typically awful bullshit recently. So that got us talking about Psaki by comparison. Then I found a Psaki simp in her comments on twitter. I began imagining the hell that must exist in the mind of this man who lives for Monday nights with Jen and Maddow. This naturally led to the idea of Psaki erotic fanfiction. Couldn't find any worthwhile, so I decided to write some myself, which is more about the mental state of this pathetic shit lib guy fantasizing (mentally writing erotic fanfic) strangely, impeded by his desire to be Woke to the Max, but still drawn back to his “lovely Jen” again and again. Kind of like an MSNBC/NPR loyalist liberal version of an 8Chan incel troll type. Anyway, we might make this a semi-regular segment and will try it out on the next episode.”

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