185 – Who Needs Food, Water, Medicine and Electricity When You’ve Got This Abundance of Hasbara?

We spent a lot of time reflecting and discussing with our families how to never forget 99% Hitler Voter Guy. Salon dot com seems to be writing satirical articles now…or are they? Nikki Haley wants us all to use our real names online, exempting herself, Nimarata Randhawa, from this data collection. She also thinks we ought to work until we give up the ghost, 65's way too young for retirement. Biden is certain of the location of TerrorCity but forgot when he was scared by Tony Blinken's death glare at the moment J Robinette B causually called Xi a dictator. We barely skim the surface of the vast and deep ocean of hasbara just from the past week alone.  Plus, learn how to 'displace' and 'cleanse' the pounds away using the genocide stress diet! 

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