186 – The Podcast Equivalent of John Cage’s 4’33” Turned Up to the Max

In the most pressing news of the day, Snoop Dogg (formerly known as Snoop Lion) reveals what giving up smoke means to him, and totally isn't just reading copy, gets candid as hell. “Ceasefire,” hostage swapping, proportionality, Dr. Eli's Hasbara Outlet Black Friday Sale (don't forget your DSA Cyber Monday sale either!).  J Robinette B sundowns harder than ever and will, in fact, save that kid with the psychic abililties (sniffs hair in order to read minds). Argentina goes full accelerationist with President Milei, his cloned dog advisors, his sister-wife, his chainsaw, his pro-children-for-sale stance, and his *shocking* full-fledged allegience to dollarization  and all things true blue anarcho-capitalistic. Hey, remember Ron Paul? We do, too, against our wishes. An impassioned aside in defense of LA public transit. Stuart Seldowitz gives everyone laughs, the creeps. Children are recruited to sing a song that says the loud part even louder about the annihilation of Gaza. There's a funny AI artwork about parting the sea with the strength of Zionism. More and more bad news. But at least Swedish labor unions are giving Elon Musk some backtalk.

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