190 – Oh Well Whatever Never Mind: The Barack Obama Mandela Esquire Story

In no particular order: classic Floridian manatee molestation; continued highlighting of author, lawyer, voice of a generation, and former IDF member Barack Obama Mandela, Esq; Gaza should aspire to become like post-War Auschwitz; rabbinical scholars teaching the IDF about permissible rape, righteous ethnic cleansing, and about how Hitler was just a little misunderstood, if you, like, really think about it; public school teacher threatens to behead a student due to a distaste for the symbolic representation of tHe OnLy dEmoCrAcY iN tHe MidDLe EaSt in the classroom; quiet-part-LOUD: “I am for war crimes, I don't care if I'm criticized, I am unable to sleep without watching homes in Gaza being destroyed, more houses, more buildings, I don't want them to have anything to go back to”; of course Mike Johnson took is daughter the local purity ball to pledge her hymen's allegiance to her Lord-appointed daddy-figure; TPUSA's AmericaFest keeps up the good work; Michelle Bachman tries to exist again; Rosanne embarresses herself in front of the  TPUSA set; is Nirvana's iconic album so good it should be illegal?; etc.

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