192 – Kamikaze Detroit feat. Adrian DeLaTorre

Jay Leno and Pat Morita starred in a moving picture called Collision Course and we somehow decided to watch it and talk through our many complex feelings about it. We're joined by Adrian DeLaTorre from the Never Seen It podcast and take a look at this barely-existant artifact of late 1980s Hollywood, racism, and economic-based, lizard-brained fear. Is Jay Leno too nice/square to even believably pretend to be a jerk and/or drunk? Wait, w-w-w-what did Pat Morita nickname himself in the 60s and 70s?!? Why so many cookies for sale at a crime scene? How much better was Tom Noonan's revised version of the script? Bazookas, factory jobs, 'Merican can-do-it-ness, Biker From Hell (slash Raising Arizona), inexplicable lines and their delivery, etc. Detroit was fine until the Japanese ruined all the fun. What did we ever do to deserve this?? Oh, right.

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