195 – When Mating Strategies Fail

A seriously digressive episode. Forty minute 'cold open' which hit the cutting room floor, which I then slipped on, banana peel style, only to bash my head into the editing bay console. When I came to, this episode was uploaded somehow. I may someday release the UNRATED UNCUT version. We talk a bit about the brilliance of James Adomian. Podcasting about podcasts a little bit. Though we manage to right the ship sometimes and touch upon topics like: 

  • Why You Should Never Retire
  • J “Through a Brandon Darkly” Robinette B wakes up for his allotted 3.5 minutes per day and publicly flies into another senile rage about “How dare he say that about my son and [unintelligible slurring]! I call em patriots'n'[unintelligible slurring, sounds like 'hoes'].”
  • Some moron writes moronically about how Javier Milei's overt fascism is actual quite Nuanced and Pragmatic.
  • Scott “Dilbertarian” Adams has some interesting opinions about the profound role of jism in our crumbling civilization and an interesting take on how to greet one's father in a society where all men implicitly want to harm each other.
  • Snoop Dogg ends beef with Trump. (Would be an unstoppable duo.)
  • Libs obsess over Trump minutia to fill the void of Russia Gate.
  • What would you say to Ben Stein if he walked up to your cash register?
  • Burlington, Vermont City Council meeting involves a litany of Zionist crybabies and one in particular let's out a fantastic Freudian slip.

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