196 – A Supposedly Sympathetic, Well-Meaning, Elderly Man with a Poor Memory I’ll Never Not Laugh at Again

  • We're talkin' Biden keeping totally cool and calm and 1000% lucid during a press conference in which his cognitive faculties are mildly questioned. When they go low, he goes high. Real high. On secret amphetamines brewed in John Podesta's cauldron in the depths of the Pentagon. 
  • Tim updates us in his Red Scare Scrounge Up (patent pending) segment. 
  • Who wore the border wall and kid cages better, Biden or Trump?
  • Will HRC run again? Kamala as running mate? We speculate not wildly or irreverently at all. HBO Go™ to the Polls! (Pokemon tired, HBO Go™ wired.) 
  • We're talkin' the 9 month long cruise and cruises more generally.
  • New “Guy” discovered for the show, most likely: Dusty Deevers, Christian Dominionist extraordinaire, gonna outlaw pornography, abortion pills, Trans Storytime events, but not the sacred union of sexting between a married CIS het man and CIS het woman.  And more!

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