201 – Vote Blew No Matter Fuck You feat. Alex “WORLDWIDE” Kellar

We're joined by Alex “WORLDWIDE” Kellar (@TheTowerSkin) of the Bored2Life podcast (@Bored2LifePod) to sift through the news rough in search of humor-diamonds and various truth-gems. Asking the difficult questions like, Where have all the good porn parodies gone? And why's cash being left on the table with the absence of an I ♡ Huckabees meets the Trumps incestual cuckholdry extravaganza?

  • Biden and his sad dwindling fanclub also said and did a bunch of hilarious and heinous shit yet again. 
  • A pop star's charitable donation dwarfed the US governments token gesture of aide to the genocide cage called Gaza by more than a 100x (and didn't manage to drop said crate of expired food rations on five people, striking them dead).
  • Matt Miler, the cartoonisly evil lacky for the Vereinigten Staate Ministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda, continues to brazely smirk and appear to be stifling wild Jokerfied laughter while lying and talking about unspeakable atrocities.
  • Various politicians and other reprehensible demons in humanoidlike disguise continue to be protested in public, often revealing a glimpse beneath the humanoid or “progressive” veneer, including the “good ones” of The Squad variety.

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