202 – Do Not Worship This False Prophet From the Streets of Sesame!

  • Daniel Hale is finally out of prison and has written an article that asks why he was locked up for the same crime Joe Biden has openly admitted to (although Joe's motives were far less noble than Daniel's).
  • Jordan “Stop! Or My Dragon of Chaos Will Shoot!” Peterson continues to publicly lose his mind and keep the grift alive and well, redmeat-induced tears and all.
  • Major publishers and broadcasters try to construct the thinnest of facades of apparent sanity over their evil deeds, journalist Steven W. Thrasher (@thrasherxy) doesn't let them off the hook so easily.
  • The smaller scale equivalent of Fyre Fest, but with knock off Willy Wonka centric and abysmal AI-generated theatrics, caused children to cry and parents to call in the cops.

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General Recommendations

  • Josh's Recommendations: 1) Poor Things 2) Anatomy of a Fall 
  • Tim's Recommendation: Homemade Dumpling Soup***
    *** “As Gao described, Chancellor Zhuge Liang, a brilliant political strategist of the Shu Kingdom, was returning from a campaign against a group of Southern ‘barbarians’ when faced with a particularly turbulent river crossing. According to local tradition, the only way to safely complete the crossing was to appease the river gods with tributes of decapitated heads. Unwilling to resort to human sacrifice, Zhuge instead ordered his crew to fashion animal heads out of wheat dough and meat fillings. The River Gods were fooled, the ships crossed safely, and his doughy creations became known, thereafter, as ‘barbarian heads’. “

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Credit to @acidhorizonpod for the AI artwork used for this episode.
Credit to @TallBart for the “Jordan Peterson speaks” video to mine for audio samples.

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