205 – Perchance to Unplan, Babies to Blame, Sources Say

We go strictly off-the-cuff. Something not done since Episode 064 – Our 11th Hour Improvised Episode. Come for the hodgepodge, stay for the fun talk about getting arrested and locked up. Extreme sleep deprivation (for one of us). Fake news generator (perchance.org/newsheadline). Self-haircuts: yea or nay? The rhythm method. Struggling mightily to locate a nagging memory of The Simpsons (found it later). The true pronunciation / kickass official emblem of Oman. Cute mascots for George Floyd. Pachinko machine parlors are loud as fuck? Debate! TV about the seriousness of working at a restaurant: good or bad? One of the hosts talks about firsthand experience with carceral winemaking. Remember taser- and pepperspray-based memes? Movies: just things happening on a screen? It's digressions all the way down. Return to more formalism next week. Probably.

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