209 – Sea-Lioning All the Way to the Bad Food Restaurant (Because We’re Bored and Need a Cause, Any Cause)

  • All the elements for an explosion of class struggle are amassing aboard the Serenade of the Seas' nine month long world-spanning, sanity-teasing cruise.
  • Obama 2008 campaign ad that used the WUSSUP! commercial to inspire the unwashed masses. Change. That's wassup.
  • Four distinctly stupid theories about why these dern kids are making such a ruckus from Skeletor-faced dipshit Professor Scott Galloway, Smugness Incarnate Trying to Devour Itself and Jack Off at the Same Time (Bill Maher), Fareed “What's Wrong With a Little South African Apartheid” Zakaria, and with a mind as sharp as a down pillow, Jordan Peterson.
  • Many are saying that Sen. Tom Cotton is into Goebbles-play (eroticized lying + infantilism + scat/breath-play).
  • Sea-lioning “journalist” cries in mind-numbingly stupid propaganda video.
  • Elon Musk thinks children are raised without the use of money.
  • Elon Musk bans Nelson Mandela's Grandson from Twitter for “totally mysterious reasons.”
  • The White House Correspondance Dinner and Colin Josts should be shot out of a canon into a radioactive undersea volcano.
  • Restaurants are taking advantage of pathetic people and catfishing them into eating at their establishments via dating apps.

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