210 – Who Will Notice™ the Noticers™?

  • MAGA diapers and brainworms. 
  • More brainworms abound in the form of the ever-mindnumbing Red Scare podcast and their recent strokefest with the most boring and incoherent and inexplicably valorized of “race realism” blowhards, Steve Sailer. They have a wonderfully stupid time being little “Noticers” together.
  • Farha Khalidi is the actually intelligent and interesting “Red Scare-esque,” vocal fry monotoned, bohemian layabout-er, niche internet personality we need as an alternative to whatever the RS ladies have been up to these past four or five years.
  • More outrageous and horrific news about Israel-Palestine.
  • Kristi Noem loses her shit on TV and, in turn, probably, her nomination to be Trump's VP.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy gets cucked into oblivion by Franksteinian relic Ann Coulter.

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