211 – Something So Unbelievably, Surreally and Exquisitely Terrible That You Want to Share It With the Rest of the World feat. Adrian DeLaTorre

We discuss the somehow fifteen years in the making, unhinged in all ways, crème de la crème of Bad Cinema—an animated kid's movie trying to cash in on 1995's Toy Story mania—Foodfight!  We gather 'round the table of the theater of the mind with good-bad cinema coorespondant Adrian DeLaTorre  (@b00tz2big) of the podcast Never Seen It and discuss all its mind-rattlingly grotesque CGI animation, bizarre and turbulent production backstory, the tyrannical and oblivious figure of Lawrence Kasanoff (director, writer, producer) at the helm of this feverish, malformed vision, the confused messaging about the Third Reich and how it's connected to buying generic brands, interspecies and BDSM trysts, and the all the other myriad unintentionally surreal, hilarious, and nightmarish qualities of it as a whole. 

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