212 – Fake Violence For Zion, Fake Money For The Homeless

  • Anthony Blinken rocks in the free world and eats pizza in a Nazi restaurant.
    [Factual correction: 48, not “like a hundred,” people died in the Odessa Trade Union Fire.]
  • Biden channels Dirty Harry and now we have three debates between him and Trump to look forward to. Huge windfall for the pharmacuetical amphetimine industry.
  • Morning Joe gets righteously cucked by his own father-in-law, on TV, in front of his wife, back in 2009 RE Israel-Palestine.
  • Biden shockingly continues to sell weapons to Israel despite his frail gesture of a “pause” last week.
  • Violent counter-protesters at pro-Palestine emcampments are being identified, linked to ethically dubious funding.
  • Bridesmaids going broke for friends weddings—a microcosm of something larger.
  • A $22,500 purse made of ice on the red carpet of the MET Gala.
  • British castration club…exists. 
  • Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, tells us that black people in the Bronx don't even know the word  'computer' and we need their diverse technology innovations to lead us into the diversely technologically innovative future. 
  • Jordan Peterson continues to faithfully document the persistant loss of his everlovin' mind, this time on a cringily titled tradcath podcast. Men would rather wear 1960s Batman villain costumes and call debate Luciferian than go to therapy. 
  • Some abhorrent poor man's Charlie Kirk guy proudly shows the internet how he gives counterfeit money to the homeless in order to “clean up the streets.”
  • Scamming the elderly just got a whole lot Robert De Niro-er.

Referenced previous episode: 015 – Here are Your Choices, America, You Pathetic Shitheel (Presidential Debate Live Commentary)

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