207 – Taking Drugs To Make Podcasts To Take Drugs To (Although You Never Can Tell) feat. Elicia McCoy

We dive into the widely heralded, earth-toned and Scorsese-helmed artifact of the mid-70s, The Last Waltz, with special guest Elicia McCoy. We discover extratexual tidbits, branch off into fractals of digression, share diverging and converging opinions alike, and generally have a hip and groovy time thinking about the Thankgiving Day 1976 vibes created by Marty's (yeah, we call him Marty, so what?) pioneering directorial efforts. The nature of art and commerce, uncanny links to Pulp Fiction, alternate timelines where John Hinckley Jr. pulls an assassination attempt on someone at the famed concert instead of upon Ronny Reagan, dueling guitars-qua-phalluses, the elusive nature of the guitar solo itself, the connection between touring and drug use, the special effects created to hide Neil Young's coke nostril, Thanksgiving dinner for 5,000 inebriated people, the grand unified meaning of the whole dang thang via ancient Heraclitean wisdom — it's all there, man. 

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